Medieval shields

Round Plaque Wooden with German Word Humpback - Viking Medieval Shield with Steel

  • Round wooden sign with steel fittings The Edge of the badge is protected by a half-rounded steel ring.

  • The back is striped with an armband and a fist steel handle

  • Diameter: approx. 24 Inches - Material Steel & Wood thickness: approx. 1.3 cm - Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

Medieval Gladiator Shield 

  • Made from: High Quality 18 Gauge Iron Steel Beautified with Brass accents,

  • Finish: Natural Iron Steel Finish (Oiled)

  • Total Length: 18 inches (46.5 cm) *measured at Longest point

  • Width: About 14 Inches (35.5 cm) *measured at the broadest point

  • Handle width: 6 inches (15 cm)

  • Depth: 2.5 inches (6 cm)

  • Weight: 1.350 Kg. approx.

Roman Parma Shield - Red

  • Wood construction

  • 24'' x 24''

  • Brass boss and brass edging

  • Wooden grip on the back

  • Great for costumes and re-enactments

  • Weight Approx: 3.5kg

 Roman Soldier's Shield

Roman legionary shield rectangular introduced from the late first century AD and in use until about the third century.

Was made with several layers of wood glued together and covered in leather with reinforced edges bronze.

The same material was also the central umbo to protect the handle.

The outer layer of fabric was then painted with different colors and symbols depending on the unit it represented.

height: approx. 107 cm
- width: approx. 59 cm
- bending radius: approx. 23 cm
- weight: approx. 5.5 kg
- thickness: approx. 1.2 cm

Oval shield from the flat profile of the type used by the auxiliaries of the Roman army during the I - II century AD

The construction features mirroring those of "scutum" legionnaire, with more layers of wood glued together and covered with leather colored cloth, reinforced rim, and a brass central boss of the same material.

The symbols reproduced on the outside lead to think of it as belonging to a cavalry unit.

There is a handle inside the boss. The shield is reinforced with wooden slats on the back.

- height: approx. 123 cm
- max. width: approx. 75 cm
- weight: approx. 5.4 kg

Medieval Knight Shield, Lannister Lion 

Prop for role play war games.
Battle worn appearance
Great for action role-playing, kids, cosplay, Halloween, fancy dress, theatrical props, and historical reenactments.
Amazing collection and decor for the bar, cafe.
Material:  Iron
Size: height: 62cm, width:46cm

Weight: 2kg

Knights Templar Shield

This Knights Templar Shield, by Marto, is a visually appealing item that is colorfully made in celebration of a valiant knight in battle, bearing the simple depiction of a Templar cross. Simply designed, this shield possesses a faint, but unique crackle-like finish set over an all-white shield, which serves to highlight the red Templars cross at the heart of the shield.Templar Shield by Marto is excellent for decoration.

Material:  Wood
Size: height: 62cm, width:46cm

Weight: 2.800kg

Armored Norse Land Scandinavian Round Shield

The shield was the most common means of defense for Scandinavians and was often reinforced with metal around the rim. Constructed of wood the center of this shield features a domed boss rimmed with a star metal for added protection. On the reverse side of this shield are an adjustable leather arm strap for securing your shield on and a stationary handle for maneuvering.

  • Overall Diameter: 21 Inches

  • Material: Wood, Steel

  • Gauge: 16

  • Center Boss / Leather Adjustable Arm Strap

  • Stationary Handle / Handforged

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Medieval Gladiator Shield