Roman Helmets

Roman Centurian Helmet with Red Plume

This Roman Centurian Officer'S Helmet is Believed To Be Correct for An Officer in The Roman Legions. The Rest of The Helmet is of Steel Brass Trim, The More Widely Known 'Brim'Hinged Cheek plates. The Helmet Would Be Suitable for Display, or for Wearing As Part of a Costume. 

(NOTE:- Custom Size are Available)

Roman Cavalry Helmet with Brass Mask

The Roman Cavalry helmet is of the standard Gallic type with the addition of a solid brass face mask hinged at the top, and cheekpieces that fully cover the ears. Made of steel with brass accents.

(NOTE:- Custom sizes are available.)

Roman Centurian Black Helmet With Black Plume.

ANTIQUE ROMAN CENTURION HELMET MEDIEVAL COSTUME HELMET WITH BEAUTIFUL BLACK - Black Plume. This Roman Officer helmet is handmade from 18 gauge steel.

(NOTE:- Custom Sizes are Available)

Roman Imperial Italic D Helmet 

The Roman Imperial Italic D Helmet is constructed from steel and is thoroughly embellished in brass. The hinged cheek plates have small rings on the inside which allow for a chinstrap to be tied on and fastened. The slot at the top of the helmet can accommodate a helmet crest. The interior of the helmet is blackened and unlined 

(NOTE:- Custom Sizes are Available).

Roman Legionary Helmet

This Roman Legionary Helmet is Made up of Steel with brass edging and riveted brass medallions.

(NOTE:- Custom Sizes are Available.

Imperial Roman Crupellarius helmet 14 guage

The helmet used by the crupellarius was a metal bucket shape. This would make them well protected to head strikes, but would also make it hard for them to see their foes as easily as they might see them.

Material: 14 gauge Mild Steel.

Helmet Length: 11"

(NOTE: Custom Sizes are Available).

Roman Dimachaerus helmet 14 guage 

Roman Dimachaerus' helmet is basically made for a tough fight. This helmet is strong enough to resist the swords or axes. This helmet is made up of high quality 14 gauge mild steel.

Material: 14 gauge Mild Steel.

(NOTE: Custom Sizes are Available).

Thraex Gladiator Helmet 16 gauge

This Gladiator Thraex Helmet is crafted from 16 gauge mild steel; the faceplate is fitted to the helmet with brass pins. The faceplate is actually two parts that are secured closed with a central turning key pin. The ocular covers are also fitted into place with brass pins; removing them allows for the removal of the ocular grill plates. The Griffen is crafted from brass.

The interior of the helmet is blackened and unlined

Material: 16 gauge Mild Steel.



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Dimachaerus helmet